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Split Test Pro Features

Discover the power and potential of A/B testing with Split Test Pro. Our feature-rich platform is designed to empower businesses, from startups to established enterprises, to optimize their digital presence and drive conversion. Explore our standout features below.

Seamless Experiment Creation

Uncover the best version of your website with the ease and simplicity of Split Test Pro's experiment setup.

  • Intuitive Design: Familiar interface for effortless onboarding
  • Test Initiation: Rapid test launches for immediate insights
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Unsampled Data

Gain in-depth insights with our detailed yet comprehensible dashboard. Monitor, analyze, and refine your strategies with precision.

  • Rapid Data Refresh: Stay updated with fast, frequent results
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease and simplicity

Precise Page & Template Testing

Ensure tests land precisely where they matter most. With our advanced URL targeting, control exactly which templates or pages get tested.

  • URL-Specific Testing: Fine-tune your experiments to specific pages or templates
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Contact Us

Have questions or face issues? Our dedicated support team is here to help. With Split Test Pro, you're never alone in your optimization journey.

  • Response within 24 hours: We aim to address your concerns swiftly

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